The (Literary) DNA of Heroes and Heroines

What makes up a hero(ine)? The following is a fantastic video crafted by the TED-Ed crew that helps answer the question. The beautiful truth I’ve learned is that this DNA is inside each one of us. And the wonderful thing is that we don’t need gamma ray radiation, a bite from a radioactive spider, or […]

The Power of Transformation: Taking Pop and Creating ART

Or if you prefer…Turning that which ROARs into something that beautifully SOARS!  As I caught wind of this today, it made me reflect on the extraordinary potential that exists within every single thing that’s been created to be transformed into something different (or greater) than the original expression or purpose.  As I listened to this […]

ART – It Can Be Created and Found in the Most Amazing Places

This is very, very cool.  Make ART…not war. Shout out to Henry Rock of CityStartup Labs for finding this jewel. And Domo arigato gozaimashita to the NTT Docomo team.  Hai!