Feed Your Brain…Or Be Like These Students…Zombies(?!)

Guys…in literature…the following is what can be described as a cautionary tale. IOW, Don’t be like these college students….PLEASE! Real Talk guys…knowing basic history and the current leadership of your country is just a little more important than knowing just about anything about Snooki and her crew…knawmean? A mind…not to mention TUITION…is a terrible thing […]

The Wisdom of Julie Delmedico – Testing And The Impact on Student Creativity

Julie Delmedico states… “I think the best kind of education is one that teaches you to speak and think for yourself,” she says. “That’s much more valuable than passing your exams.” Let us know if you agree with her.

If You Can Hear Only One Thing…Hear This

This week the dreaded (by the unprepared students) EOC testing was in full swing.  As part of our commitment to support our educators and students, members of SKoolAide served as proctors for one of the local high schools that could benefit from our help.  Today was my day. (Oh Joy…Chemistry! 🙂 ) It’s always an […]

You know what they say about hard work? Well….it works!

As a teacher of a NC state-tested course (Biology), there is tremendous pressure to have perfect test scores.  Therefore, I put stress on my students to perform their best in my class each & every day.   In NC,  End of Course (EOC) state test scores are on a scale of I- IV.  If you ask […]

ACT To Be Given to Test High School Students’ Post-graduation Readiness

BY LYNN BONNER – lbonner@newsobserver.com Published Wed, Oct 05, 2011 RALEIGH — A new era of public school testing begins in March when high school students will take national exams to determine how well their education is preparing them for life after graduation. The state Board of Education has been talking for more than a […]

Center on Education Policy report: State Test Scores Start Lagging in High School

Author(s): Jennifer McMurrer and Nancy Kober Published: October 5, 2011 This report examines testing data from 40 states and the District of Columbia from 2002 through 2009 and finds that while high school scores on state English language arts and math tests rose in most states, smaller proportions of states made gains in high school […]