The Beauty of Discovery – Kayden and Her First Rain

The sheer joy of discovery that Kayden experiences by her first encounter with rain(!) is what we should all feel when we learn something new. Thanks for sharing Mom! Perhaps Kayden’s a meteorologist in the making? 🙂 Advertisements

Girl Power…Genuises for Good!

The all-girl team from Providence Day School includes, from left to right, Taylor Gerlach, Rose DelleFave, Blaire Barton, Abbie Cochell, Kelly Albert, Alexandra Embs, Grace Clements, Katherine Holway, Haley Ritchie, Victoria Xu, and team advisor Barbara Morrow. A team of 9th grade girls is developing a system of interconnected desks that turns the nervous foot-tapping […]

When You Wish Upon A Star…Something Wonderful Happens

Here’s a SUPER Kool application from Google’s Chrome developers. It’s an interactive 3D visualization of the stellar neighborhood, including over 100000 nearby stars. Click on our galaxy and Take the Tour and prepare to have your mind blown. Science ROCKS!!

Chemistry is Cool!!

The science behind chemical reactions is pretty amazing and this one raises the ‘Wow’ factor to a whole new level.  The fields of study and career opportunities for students with an interest in Chemistry are practically endless.  A subscription to brusspup‘s  YouTube channel is HIGHLY recommended!

A Teaching Evolution Inspires A Science Revolution

Wu-tang in the house! Yeah, we’re down like that…we’ve got flow.(smile) Real talk….despite the MANY, MANY problems with both rap and hip hop in their current styles and use, the core of the genre remains as being part artistic expression and social commentary. Sort of like being an amalgam, which is in and of itself, […]

MINDDRIVE – Students Build A Car Powered by Tweets – Let’s Gas Em Up!

Our Minds are Officially Blown! More details on exactly how the social fuel works are described in the following HuffPost clip. Very cool. We’ve tweeted them up…what about you guys?

Girl Scientists ROCK! … And Get PAID!

This is seriously cool news. What 17 year old you know couldn’t use an extra 50K? Eesha Khare’s name will likely go into the history books if the super capacitor technology she’s developed for energy storage fulfills the potential that truly big names in the space feels that it will. CNN Clip here… Yeeeah…it’s good […]

Innovation + Opportunity + Collaboration = Anything’s Possible

Yeah…this blew us away.  Kelvin Doe rocks M.I.T. And then…the rest of the story… the collaborators at TEDxTeen were so impressed by the clip above that they were then motivated to have Kelvin speak at one of their recent events.    


ABORT!! ABORT!!  TOO…MUCH…GEEK-ISM…IN…THE…WARP…CONTAINMENT…FIELD!! THIS ^ Respect to Audi. Best…commercial…ever. p.s. AWESOME shout out at the end to Stanford’s Racing Team!  The future (thanks to some brilliant students and teachers) is Now.

“Space…No Longer the Final Frontier”

“This is the Starship Enterprise’s FIRST voyage into space…and it’s all kinds of AWESOME!” Now…will some of you geek girls and guys get together and make the real thing happen?  PLEASE?! p.s. Triple high fives to Steve Schnier!  Check out his blog and see how he made this happen. p.p.s. There’s a rumor that he’s […]