Financial Aid Month 2015

Forget About Resolutions. You need to make January about one thing: FINANCIAL AID. Scholarships rock. They are basically free money for doing what you do best: being you. In addition to academic, athletic, and artistic merit awards, there are scholarships for pretty much anything you can think of: Being left-handed, playing video games, loving puppies. […]

The Periodic Table of College Scholarships

At SKoolAide, we want to make your scholarship search easy and fun, while helping you find free money to pay for your college education. That’s why created the Periodic Table of College Scholarships — an interactive tool to help you explore thousands of scholarships available online and find opportunities that match your academic achievements, […]

Upcoming College Scholarship Deadlines: September 2014

Read the eligibility requirements carefully and visit the scholarship provider’s website directly before applying.       Joseph A. Levendusky Memorial Scholarship Scholarship Deadline: September 5, 2014 The International Water Conference will award a $7,000 scholarship to an undergraduate mechanical or chemical engineering student who has a passion for water technology. To apply for this […]

FAFSA Says…Come Get Your Money!

              2M Students Are Missing Out On College Aid.                                    Don’t be one of them. Millions of college students are missing out on financial aid for college because they aren’t even applying for it. About 2 million students could have qualified for the need-based Federal Pell Grant during the 2011-12 academic year, but they failed to […]

Start Your Engines…And Get A Scholarship

Scholarships abound for mechanics in the aviation, automotive and travel industries. With technology at our fingertips and machinery that’s becoming more advanced, the need for a more skilled, high-tech workforce is crucial. This means that there are scholarships out there to support your higher education training if your passions and skills are wired this way. […]

Student Loans Cause Groans…But Help Is Available

Better grades and going the extra mile * (course work and volunteerism) can lead to huge payoffs as far as scholarships are concerned and getting accepted at the school of your choice. However, if you have to go the loan route, the following clip is good information to have as you plan out your best […]

Girl Scientists ROCK! … And Get PAID!

This is seriously cool news. What 17 year old you know couldn’t use an extra 50K? Eesha Khare’s name will likely go into the history books if the super capacitor technology she’s developed for energy storage fulfills the potential that truly big names in the space feels that it will. CNN Clip here… Yeeeah…it’s good […]

YIELD! …And Learn Why It’s Important to Colleges…And To You

When students (and their parents) work through the challenges of the college application process, the likely assumption is the worries associated with the possibility of receiving the dreaded “rejection letter” is a one-way street, an emotional and financial hit that only impacts the rejected student and their families. But what about the colleges? A college’s […]

Plan A Little, Save A LOT When It Comes To College Debt

Here are some important tips that both students and parents can put into practice for those of you who are serious about reducing your college debt. Take Advanced Placement courses in high school (Translation: More credits + faster time to meet graduation requirements – less time in school = less debt for you!) Focused students […]

Don’t Fall for These 5 College Scholarship Scams

By Scholarship America For students, differentiating between legitimate scholarship opportunities and scams can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing. Every year an estimated 350,000 students and families are victims of scholarship scams, costing more than $5 million annually. Free scholarship money is always great, but sometimes offers are just too good to be true. When conducting your scholarship […]