Students…Rev Up Your Tablets! Digital Learning Day is Feb 5th!

Digital Learning Day is about giving every child the opportunity to learn in a robust digital environment everyday, with the goal of success in college and a career. We urge you to make a difference with digital learning in America’s schools and take the pledge to support the effective use of technology to improve education […]

Alarming Statistic – Two in Four Adults (Worldwide) Lacking High School Education

Startling statistic: “Today, nearly 2 in 4 adults worldwide haven’t achieved the equivalent of a High School education. Innovation to expect in Education over the next 5 years as projected by IBM CTO Dr. Katharine Frase to help change this paradigm – “In five years, the classroom will learn about each individual student and provide […]

Academic Competition or Discrimination?

We have to admit that this particular situation caused a lot of discussion among the SKA team. It raised some thought provoking questions and responses as to whether undeniably positive results are worth the potentially negative emotional and psychological impact on those students who don’t (or in some cases can’t) rise to the challenge to […]

Girl Power…Genuises for Good!

The all-girl team from Providence Day School includes, from left to right, Taylor Gerlach, Rose DelleFave, Blaire Barton, Abbie Cochell, Kelly Albert, Alexandra Embs, Grace Clements, Katherine Holway, Haley Ritchie, Victoria Xu, and team advisor Barbara Morrow. A team of 9th grade girls is developing a system of interconnected desks that turns the nervous foot-tapping […]

MINDDRIVE – Students Build A Car Powered by Tweets – Let’s Gas Em Up!

Our Minds are Officially Blown! More details on exactly how the social fuel works are described in the following HuffPost clip. Very cool. We’ve tweeted them up…what about you guys?

Girl Scientists ROCK! … And Get PAID!

This is seriously cool news. What 17 year old you know couldn’t use an extra 50K? Eesha Khare’s name will likely go into the history books if the super capacitor technology she’s developed for energy storage fulfills the potential that truly big names in the space feels that it will. CNN Clip here… Yeeeah…it’s good […]


ABORT!! ABORT!!  TOO…MUCH…GEEK-ISM…IN…THE…WARP…CONTAINMENT…FIELD!! THIS ^ Respect to Audi. Best…commercial…ever. p.s. AWESOME shout out at the end to Stanford’s Racing Team!  The future (thanks to some brilliant students and teachers) is Now.

“Space…No Longer the Final Frontier”

“This is the Starship Enterprise’s FIRST voyage into space…and it’s all kinds of AWESOME!” Now…will some of you geek girls and guys get together and make the real thing happen?  PLEASE?! p.s. Triple high fives to Steve Schnier!  Check out his blog and see how he made this happen. p.p.s. There’s a rumor that he’s […]

Death Star=0 / International Space Station=1

We have to give respect to the White House’s response to a petition that was submitted to build a Death Star to spur the economy.  However, you guys CAN put your STEM skills to use on other stuff, right?  Maybe like building an Enterprise? Personally, we think that the POTUS is more of a Trekker…Yeah?

The Future of Education

Image credit: The question is…are we (as students, parents and educators) getting ready for it? The following article from Futurist David Houle (author of “Shift Ed: A Call to Action for Transforming K-12 Education”) provides insights as to what changes in education we can expect and what we should be doing to prepare. In […]