Start Your Engines…And Get A Scholarship

Scholarships abound for mechanics in the aviation, automotive and travel industries. With technology at our fingertips and machinery that’s becoming more advanced, the need for a more skilled, high-tech workforce is crucial. This means that there are scholarships out there to support your higher education training if your passions and skills are wired this way. […]

Education’s Effect on Income

Students…The following statistics speak for themselves. Use SKoolAide to discover your best fit and do what’s necessary to get where you want to go!

Chemistry is Cool!!

The science behind chemical reactions is pretty amazing and this one raises the ‘Wow’ factor to a whole new level.  The fields of study and career opportunities for students with an interest in Chemistry are practically endless.  A subscription to brusspup‘s  YouTube channel is HIGHLY recommended!

Calvin and Hobbes *(Almost) Share The Meaning of Life…

…or as it should be. This AMAZING homage to the spirit of the greatest comic strip eva’ (Calvin & Hobbes and their phenomenal creator Bill Watterson) by cartoonist Gavin Aung Than is a must read for students, parents, and educators alike. Take a long trip through your imagination as you step into a world of…truth.


In light of this young man’s life journey this word has many meanings. To move forward, to pursue a goal with fierce and unwavering determination to accomplish it regardless of the obstacles to be faced and overcome, to use a resource to get from one place to another. All of these things and more has […]

MINDDRIVE – Students Build A Car Powered by Tweets – Let’s Gas Em Up!

Our Minds are Officially Blown! More details on exactly how the social fuel works are described in the following HuffPost clip. Very cool. We’ve tweeted them up…what about you guys?

Girl Scientists ROCK! … And Get PAID!

This is seriously cool news. What 17 year old you know couldn’t use an extra 50K? Eesha Khare’s name will likely go into the history books if the super capacitor technology she’s developed for energy storage fulfills the potential that truly big names in the space feels that it will. CNN Clip here… Yeeeah…it’s good […]

Death Star=0 / International Space Station=1

We have to give respect to the White House’s response to a petition that was submitted to build a Death Star to spur the economy.  However, you guys CAN put your STEM skills to use on other stuff, right?  Maybe like building an Enterprise? Personally, we think that the POTUS is more of a Trekker…Yeah?

Calling All Geek Girls!

Drawing by Laura Reyome The Geek Girls of HuffPost (gotta luv that Ariana!) have just dropped notice of a fantastic opportunity! Here’s the offer from Rebecca Searles and Brittany Binowski… Dear Geek Girls, We were there once — making a decision about what career path to choose can be a source of great anxiety, especially […]

Passion, School, and Future Career Goals

I know you guys have all heard about six degrees of separation with Kevin Bacon right? Well, here’s an example of one degree of separation…The young lady representing her passion for journalism is the goddaughter of one of SKA’s team members. So of course we had to give her some shine. Check out what she […]