Kiara Molina – Poised, Precocious, and Purposed 9th Grader! The Power of Educational Excellence!

Kiara is just one powerful example of success from Geoffrey Canada’s education reform initiative in Harlem, NYC. She’s also a wonderful reflection of the level of achievement and return on investment that  parents (& grandparents) who’re committed to motivate their children to fulfill their potential can receive.  Who knows…this might just be a warm up […]

Alarming Statistic – Two in Four Adults (Worldwide) Lacking High School Education

Startling statistic: “Today, nearly 2 in 4 adults worldwide haven’t achieved the equivalent of a High School education. Innovation to expect in Education over the next 5 years as projected by IBM CTO Dr. Katharine Frase to help change this paradigm – “In five years, the classroom will learn about each individual student and provide […]

Academic Competition or Discrimination?

We have to admit that this particular situation caused a lot of discussion among the SKA team. It raised some thought provoking questions and responses as to whether undeniably positive results are worth the potentially negative emotional and psychological impact on those students who don’t (or in some cases can’t) rise to the challenge to […]

And Now…Something That Will Be a Little Controversial…But Important to Hear

Bringing attention and focus on “the good, the bad, and the desperately needs to be fixed”, is a commitment that we at SKoolAide are very intentional to perform. Sometimes that means bringing to light uncomfortable issues that will hopefully lead to responsible discussion and solution finding.  It is our hope that we’ve made it very […]

“About to Be Startin’ Somethin’!”

Wow.  This has been a LOOOONNNG time coming, but we’re FINALLY getting close to launching SKoolAide 1.0.  To that end. we’re starting to turn up the heat a little.  Today we had our first interview published by this really cool team of journalists with DetailedBlock  whose focus is on tech start ups and the benefit […]

The Future of Education

Image credit: The question is…are we (as students, parents and educators) getting ready for it? The following article from Futurist David Houle (author of “Shift Ed: A Call to Action for Transforming K-12 Education”) provides insights as to what changes in education we can expect and what we should be doing to prepare. In […]

Income, More Than Ethnicity or Culture, is Driving Achievement Gap

NPR Broadcast: Talk of the Nation – 02/13/2012 Amy Wilkins,Vice President for Government Affairs and Communications, Education Trust Frederick Hess, Director of Education Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute The achievement gap between black and white students has narrowed significantly over the past 50 years. The gulf between rich and poor students, however, has widened dramatically. […]

The Unaddressed Link Between Poverty and Education – →

meeshroblog: think4yourself: We desperately need a […] reminder of the relationship between economic advantage and student performance. The correlation has been abundantly documented, notably by the famous Coleman Report in 1966. New research by Sean F. Reardon of Stanford University traces the achievement gap between children from high- and low-income families over the last 50 […]

Money Talks – Data Shows How Poverty and the Education Gap Goes Beyond Race

Report Indicates that the ‘Income Achievement Gap’ is almost double the Black-White achievement Gap. November 17th, 2011  By Louis Freedberg ~ EdSource Extra In a dramatic illustration of the impact of income inequality on how children do in school, the achievement gap between children from high and low income families is far higher than the achievement […]