Financial Aid Month 2015

Forget About Resolutions. You need to make January about one thing: FINANCIAL AID. Scholarships rock. They are basically free money for doing what you do best: being you. In addition to academic, athletic, and artistic merit awards, there are scholarships for pretty much anything you can think of: Being left-handed, playing video games, loving puppies. […]

How I Stay Sane During Finals

What is it that comes to mind when you think about December? Is it the sound of joyful Christmas carolers or joining the family on their annual hunt for the perfect Christmas tree? Most high school and college students would beg to differ. They almost always find themselves cringing at the thought or even mere […]

Feed Your Brain…Or Be Like These Students…Zombies(?!)

Guys…in literature…the following is what can be described as a cautionary tale. IOW, Don’t be like these college students….PLEASE! Real Talk guys…knowing basic history and the current leadership of your country is just a little more important than knowing just about anything about Snooki and her crew…knawmean? A mind…not to mention TUITION…is a terrible thing […]

The Periodic Table of College Scholarships

At SKoolAide, we want to make your scholarship search easy and fun, while helping you find free money to pay for your college education. That’s why created the Periodic Table of College Scholarships — an interactive tool to help you explore thousands of scholarships available online and find opportunities that match your academic achievements, […]

How the SAT is scored

The SAT is the most widely used college admission test, the first step toward higher education for students of all background. The SAT tests you r reading, writing and math skills you ;earn in school. It gives both you and colleges you are applying to a sense of how you will be able to apply, […]

5 Things you need to know about flying during a #Ebola Outbreak

Brought to you by: Yahoo! Here’s what you need to know about the risks of flying and Ebola right now.  The news that a man flew from Liberia to the U.S. after exposure to Ebola, and wound up in a hospital isolation ward, has led to calls for tougher measures to protect Americans, such as […]

Props to Charlotte-Meck. students

19 Mecklenburg students are Achievement Scholar semifinalists By Steve Lyttle Posted: Thursday, Sep. 25, 2014 Nineteen students from more than a dozen Mecklenburg County high schools have been named semifinalists in the annual National Achievement Scholarship Program. The scholarships are awarded annually to top African-American high school seniors, based on academic achievement and involvement […]

Good News for Bad test Takes

Research that is being described as a landmark study was released February 18th that shows that that high school students with strong grades and lower standardized test scores do as well as in college as those who perform better on the standardized test. “Defining Promise: Optional Standardized Testing Polices in American College and University Admissions,” […]

8 Mistakes Parents Make When They Help Kids Apply To College

The 2015 college application season has officially opened. But in our desire to help our kids navigate this land-mine-fraught road, we might actually be doing some things that harm them. Lynn O’Shaughnessy, a nationally recognized college expert, author of “The College Solution: A Guide for Everyone Looking for the Right School at the Right Price, […]

A Walk in My Shoes: Military LIfe

A Walk in My Shoes: Military Life. Seven perspectives on life in the military are told through the lives of our current and former students. Each has grown up or worked within the military and share powerful experiences to help teachers understand what it is like to live and work in the military