What is SKoolAide?

SKoolAide is a radical and innovative addition to the education arena.  We are comprised of educators, innovators, and instigators committed to bringing REAL and BENEFICIAL change to the key players in the field of education.  That means YOU…the students, the parents, and the ones in the trenches.

We’re a diverse bunch, so we’re going to showcase stories, commentary, and news that reflect the beauty and challenges that are part of this thing called humanity.  We hope to stir up positive discussions and fun interaction, but  we won’t shy away from talking about important issues that impact education, culture, your role in society, and the effects you will have upon the future.

And finally, we’re the creative minds behind a powerful new tool which we believe is going bring a whole new playbook to the game.  We call it the SKoolAide – Academic Performance Platform (SKA-APP) and we are absolutely confident that you’re gonna dig it.   But we also want your help to make sure that it captures as many of your needs that we can…so as we begin to share little teasers about the SKA-APP prior to our launch, we’d love to hear your voice.

We’ve got to start with the teasers somewhere, so why not with the registration process? Now keep in mind that this is about 80 percent of what the real version will look like.

You’ll notice that it’s clean and simple and not asking for your life history, you know?

One of the first decisions that you have to make is what college do you want to attend…and why?  This is part of our plan to help you answer those questions.

And once you choose, it’s kinda important to know if the school you choose actually has the programs that you want to major in, right?   So do you think our plan is helpful in this regard?  Would you change anything?

We’ve got tons more to share, but for the moment, we have to keep some of the secret sauce secret for right now, but trust us…It’s going to be very helpful. We plan on providing you with extremely relevant guidance to get you to that A, that 4.0, that 2400, and a whole lot more.  And you’re going to have fun following the path.



  1. Wow ladies and gentlemen, I think this is an excellent idea and you gave the good ole USA a better grade than i would have, We our Country would be on the lower end of the Bell Curve or outside the norm of a statistical relationship. You go and I will continue to watch as you grow and move forward. P.s. Thanks for stopping by my blog. please come back and visit more often or even follow my blog if you are so inclined.

    • Most definitely sir! Your poetry and images are eloquent and beautiful. Please continue to drop the science of your written music into the earth so that something new and beauteous springs forth.

      Thank you for checking us out…we’re working to launch something that’s going to bring real change and benefit to the education space. We have something major being shaped under the covers. We want to make sure that v1 is as strong as we can make it so we’re taking our time to get it right. Keep watching. It’s going to be worth it. Much success to you as you walk out your passion.


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