How I use technology to explore my world

I am not a very heavy television watcher. With school work, projects, house work, and a job I do not have much of anytime to watch the news or any of these new crazy reality shows. I get a lot of my most lighthearted, funny, or extremely shocking resent news form my Facebook News Feed or my Flipboard witch is a news app the collects stories from many different outlets.  I like the posts I see on Facebook better because I can read peoples reactions. If I see a post title that is interesting then I will open it. After reading the article of watching the video, I will usually share it and add my own opinion. I enjoying watching all of my friends reactions. I am supper supper careful  on what I share and what I say about them because I do not want it used against me on day in the future. But I might send something in a message to a group of friends. I also like how my news app follows a developing or changing stories, like the war in Russia or the riots in Ferguson. Before I had downloaded this application, I would use my computer to research the story myself. But that took a lot of time out of my day. I had a English teacher names Mrs. Arnold. She was really good at explaining why e did each assignment and how it was important to her class and life outside of class. Every week we had to write a summary of a current event witch involved us researching a event the was going on in the world that we were interested in and  reflecting now how it effected us, what we thought about it, and why we those to write on that article. She helped me understand why it is important to know what is going on around me, nationally, internationally, and locally. It was all based on what has happened in history and how history repeats itself. My mom has always told me and my sister that no matter what we have done or going to do is has been done before. It is just history repeating itself. Nothing is new under the sun. ( Ecclesiastes 1:9)  

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