Lazy Girl’s Way of Flying

If you are a low maintenance girl that just has to fly to get to her summer destination. If you are flying commercial and must deal with other less glamorous that you then follow these 10 lazy tips to flying glamorously!

1. Pick an aisle seat.

This is the most important step. You can stretch your legs and make sure that you have constant access to the bathroom.

2. Always try to get into First Class.

Coach is already bad. It gets even worst if you do not flying in the first place. Make your way to first class every possible chance you get. If you get caught just say the first famous name you can think of.


3.  Bring every piece of technology you own.

Just bring it all! Make sure you upload them all before sitting down, taking your time. Yes, everything will have to be on airplane mode but: but at least you can feel connected.

4. Commandeer the Bathroom for at least 20 min.

Where else do you do your pre/ post flight makeup removal and reapplication process? Sorry 7 year-old boy doing the pee-pee dance, you can wait.

5. Watch the funnies movie possible.

Watch them and literally LOL during your all time favorite parts. Those around you totally know how funny these movies are and will appreciate your snickering through the entire flight.

6. Become besties with the stewardess.

Push that little button above your head for any and everything. The baby 3 rows back who won’t stop crying, the dry cabin air that is affecting your pores, and that you forgot your headphones in your other bag underneath the plane. They are there to help, right?


Who knows how long it will be before you get a real meal again. Peanuts and half a can of Diet Coke is nothing. Get a bacon cheeseburger, a monster pretzel and extra large Machachino Frappe.

8. Always check in your baggage.

There is no way you can carry everything onto the plane and then fit it into the overhead compartment. Check as many bags as you packed. That way all of your belongings will arrive together on one of those fun carousel things (bonus if you hop on for a ride).

9. Complain throughout the entire security check.

Being herded like cattle is not cute at all. Especially when you have to do it barefoot and with very little clothes. Complain and question everything. That way they know that this is not acceptable for a glamorous person such as yourself.

10. Pack everything!

You never know you you might need. ALWAYS over pack. You are not a fortune teller!!! You have to be prepared for everything.

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