Start Your Engines…And Get A Scholarship

Automotive Training 2

Scholarships abound for mechanics in the aviation, automotive and travel industries. With technology at our fingertips and machinery that’s becoming more advanced, the need for a more skilled, high-tech workforce is crucial.

This means that there are scholarships out there to support your higher education training if your passions and skills are wired this way. In addition to automotive and aviation scholarships there are a number of awards for those that dream of fixing the machinery that keeps the world moving.

The Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium offers a number of technician scholarships geared toward the automotive aftermarket, thanks to its network of more than 30 automotive aftermarket organizations – groups that specialize in services and sales of automotive parts. Simply fill out one application and it will be reviewed by all of the organizations where you meet qualifications.

Graduating high school seniors are eligible to apply, which includes an online scholarship application, at least one letter of recommendation and a 250-word essay on why the applicant believes he or she should receive a scholarship. The deadline to apply is March 31, 2014.

Read more here.

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