If You Can Hear Only One Thing…Hear This

This week the dreaded (by the unprepared students) EOC testing was in full swing.  As part of our commitment to support our educators and students, members of SKoolAide served as proctors for one of the local high schools that could benefit from our help.  Today was my day. (Oh Joy…Chemistry! 🙂 )

It’s always an illuminating experience to observe the response of the students to the process.  How some jump right into the test, while others approach it like it’s the Last Mile.  As Proctors, there are strict rules of separation that must be maintained so as to avoid any risk of cheating.  Nevertheless it was gratifying just to see how a whispered “C’mon…Finish strong” or “You’ve got this” was enough to encourage and motivate those students that had zoned out or hit the wall to pick up the No. 2’s again.

As I watched this great video on NFL’er Derrick Coleman, I thought about how the power of motivation (both externally and internally) can inspire a person to achieve goals far beyond those who don’t receive encouragement.

So let’s motivate to elevate!  And far as Derrick Coleman’s story is concerned…Be Inspired…and NEVER Quit!


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