Alarming Statistic – Two in Four Adults (Worldwide) Lacking High School Education

IBM and Education in 5 years Startling statistic: “Today, nearly 2 in 4 adults worldwide haven’t achieved the equivalent of a High School education.

Innovation to expect in Education over the next 5 years as projected by IBM CTO Dr. Katharine Frase to help change this paradigm – “In five years, the classroom will learn about each individual student and provide a tailored curriculum from kindergarten through high school and toward employment.”

• The classroom will create a syllabus based on individual learning style and pace and not on an arbitrary teaching schedule.

• The classroom of the future will learn about individual students over the course of their education and help them master the skills critical to meeting their goals.

• This system will level the playing field by ensuring that barriers to education become less of a factor for success.

• A system fueled by sophisticated analytics over the cloud will help teachers identify students who are most at risk, predict their roadblocks and then suggest measures to help them overcome their challenges.

SKoolAide has very much been designed to be an integral part of this innovation.

SKoolAide has very much been designed to be an integral part of this innovation.  As a matter of fact we’ve already captured 4 of the 5 solution paths that IBM has forecast 5 years from now and we’re working on capturing the fifth one even as I type.


  1. Natassja Dickerson says:

    maybe this happens because they dnt have anybody that is there to support them and encourage them

    • Thanks very much for this comment, Natassja. The need for affirmation and support is a basic human requirement. It’s an invaluable part of the solution…”Be the change that you want to see.”

      Team SKoolAide

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