Does Your High School Experience Look Like This?

High School - How it Works

We thought this was an interesting POV from High School student Michaela Klembara regarding her perception of what her roadmap through high school looked like.

When I was a freshman someone told me:

Freshman year everyone is fake. You are just trying to fit in and be everyone’s friend. You have this need to please people.

Sophomore year is drama. That’s all it is. Everyone has a problem with someone and maybe even a problem with themselves.

Junior year is when you really figure everything out, kind of. You find your group of friends and you get over the drama that bothered you before. Things become confusing with college and you will always be asked about the future and most of the time you won’t want to answer because YOU DON’TKNOW, OKAY? You also figure out who your real friends are.

Senior year you don’t care. You don’t care about what people think, you know who you are. “Senioritis” is actually a real thing but do your school work anyway because when it’s over, it’s over.

Those words have been stuck in my head ever since.

I am now going to be a senior in high school and every part of what that person said to me is true. See rest of the article here.

SKA: We’d love to get your thoughts if you think Michaela’s experiences on point or not. BTW, item 4 for Junior year? We’ve got something to help with that.


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