And Now…Something That Will Be a Little Controversial…But Important to Hear

Bringing attention and focus on “the good, the bad, and the desperately needs to be fixed”, is a commitment that we at SKoolAide are very intentional to perform. Sometimes that means bringing to light uncomfortable issues that will hopefully lead to responsible discussion and solution finding.  It is our hope that we’ve made it very clear to anyone following our blog (especially since our team is comprised of passionate and effective educators) that we are fans of teachers.  However, if we choose to close our ears to the very ones that we’re seeking to teach and guide to their best futures, then we’re guilty of dropping the ball.  So yeah,  while seeing this from an adult POV, there are concerns with how this student expressed his frustration, it’s critically important that we not miss the message due to the delivery.

We definitely would like to hear from both sides…so please share your thoughts.


  1. I have to respect the courage and passion of this student. Could he have made his point differently — maybe after class or to a principal? Absolutely. But let’s not miss what led to this exchange — a real desire to learn and be taught vs. just reading packets. Teaching is challenging BUT should not be a place just for another check. Our future depends on it. Hopefully, more students are inspired to take ownership for their education and not depend solely on the “packets” received at school. There are platforms, apps, and other technologies out there, like what SkoolAide is bringing to the market, to help students and their parents own their education and future success. I encourage us all to take advantage of these tools.

    • Al Gabe says:

      I’m glad that he made his point how he did and when he did. Otherwise it wouldn’t have been given the needed attention that it received.

  2. Thanks very much for your comment Yu Ha! This quote from you is EXACTLY the truth that drives us (and all committed educators) to do what we do…the majority of students have..”— a real desire to learn and be taught vs. just reading packets. Teaching is challenging BUT should not be a place just for another check. Our future depends on it.”

    Thanks also for recognizing that there’s a groundswell building in the education reform space…that’s pushing new solutions and technologies to the forefront of the movement.

    SKoolAide is committed to bringing our voice and solution to process. We’re launching our beta in July…keep watching!

  3. Change virtually never comes from a place of contentment…and truth almost always causes discomfort.I have to agree with the other poster…if this young man had not expressed his frustration in this way it’s likely that no more attention would have been paid,and he would simply have been suspended for disruption of the class. But because of the student who recorded and uploaded the video-along with those who share it, maybe some real good will come out of it.

  4. Seventeen year old HS senior Luis Ruuska has an extremely informed and cogent response to ‘Jeff Bliss’ rage against the machine’ moment. What is deeply encouraging is this teen’s grasp of the core reason behind the challenges that impact both the students and the teachers. So if he can see the root of the problem, why can’t our legislators?!

    In Defense of the Teachers of America: What We Can Learn From Jeff Bliss by Luis Ruuska

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