“About to Be Startin’ Somethin’!”

Wow.  This has been a LOOOONNNG time coming, but we’re FINALLY getting close to launching SKoolAide 1.0.  To that end. we’re starting to turn up the heat a little.  Today we had our first interview published by this really cool team of journalists with DetailedBlock  whose focus is on tech start ups and the benefit to the culture and community that’s activated when innovation is supported and encouraged.

Check it out below…and please consider dropping a comment under the article expressing support  for a well written and timely and topically important pieceon the need for innovation within the education space.




Another Charlotte-based startup SKoolAide sees the value in using a community to encourage student success. The platform uses a combination of specialized motivation tools, mentorship, and task management to motivate student success. When a student and parent logs on to the website they will be prompted with a few questions to pinpoint the learning style of the child. They must enter a few tasks, highlight their goals, and pick some incentives that they want to receive. Once a child completes their tasks, they receive the incentives that they wanted. Along the path to success, users are supported by advisers that are on the website to encourage them. The company will also use cultural goals and incentives such as college and high school graduation to keep users aligned with their peers.

One can argue that a parent is supposed to take the role that SKoolAide will be in: motivating, incentivizing, and teaching students to manage their schedule. CEO Reg Gabriel says the company is not supposed to replace parents, but complement them. He states, “The old proverb is true…It really does take a village to raise a child – SKoolAide is a visual representation of the goals and motivations of the village and student.” The SKoolAide team says children may have a tough time visualizing what needs to be done in order to get what they want or recognize cultural expectations. The SKoolAide staff believes their company will make it clearer for them. They are committed to democratizing education.

The rest of story can be read here

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