Helping a Teacher to Run Will Cause a Student to Soar

Without Teachers, the Classroom Is Just a Room

Melinda Gates

Co-chair, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Years ago, when our foundation was getting started and Bill and I were starting to learn more about high school education, I had a conversation with a young teacher in Houston, Texas that transformed the way I look at the work we’re doing.

He said that when he reflected about what it meant to be a good teacher, he realized that he had to live the values he was trying to instill in the students.

As the video says, the focus of our education strategy in recent years has centered on helping teachers do their best work. We’re working on this challenge from many angles and with many partners, including teachers themselves. We started with the most basic question: What does great teaching look like? We hoped that if we could help come up with an answer, we could share what we learned and help all teachers be their best. So we worked with 3,000 teachers from across the country who volunteered to be part of a big research project. We now have results from that work, which we called Measures of Effective Teaching (MET). It found that effective teaching can be measured using multiple measures that teachers can trust.

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SKA: We at SKoolAide are aligned with and supported by teachers driven by the same passion…To bring the very best resources and innovation to the three (students, parents, & teachers) fundamental elements necessary for academic and social success. It will always be our charge and commitment to proclaim the truth that a nation that fails to support its teachers is seeking to build a future with the strength of a house of cards. We getting close to bringing our light into the room. Stand by!

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