What’s New with The American Graduation Initiative?

Portions of this post were derived from The Hechinger’s Report HechingerEd Blog


At the Charlotte DNC Convention a panel discussion brought focus to a possible path of solution for the continuing problems we’re facing in education. Some educators assert that teachers need to: ‘Teach People, Not Content

President Obama’s American Graduation Initiative  has called for 60 percent of Americans aged 25-34 to have a postsecondary degree of some kind by 2025. The Lumina Foundation, which hosted the panel, shares those goals, which so far appear to be falling short. (Disclosure: The Lumina Foundation is among The Hechinger Report’s many funders.)

To help address this widening gap, Charlie Nelms, former chancellor of North Carolina Central University, wants to send higher education faculty members back to school. Speaking at a panel during the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, Nelms stressed the need for college and university professors to “teach people, not content.”Nelms believes that faculty members who went through postsecondary education years or even decades ago are not equipped to teach today’s students. He and his fellow panelists also mentioned the need to retool work study programs so they become more relevant to students. Other suggestions included improving the use of technology in higher education and pushing remediation into high school – all to help more Americans get a degree.

Read more of the story here.

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