SKoolAide Helps Parents




Time to get started on the most important part of your school years!  That means…planning for your child’s college and career.  The truth of the matter is, if you are like most parents  you’re already behind schedule.  Yeah, we know that’s not fun to read, but you really are. However, in the words of Mighty Mouse…’Have no fear, SKoolAide is here’…to help you and your student develop a process guide (our Academic Performance Platform ™) to ensure that you get (and stay) on the right path.

So welcome and thanks for checking out and participating in the SKoolaide Blog-room! Here we plan on introducing and getting your feedback for our fun, unique and innovative education portal that will bring a powerful new model to help you, as parents of a college bound student, to monitor their grades while helping both you and your child shape a comprehensive roadmap and portfolio to maximize the success opportunities in achieving acceptance to the college or university of your (and their) choice.

SKoolAide Helps Parents

The SKOOLAIDE (SKA) portal provides parents of high school and college students with unique and comprehensive tools to assist you in navigating though the whole discovery process so you can develop effective strategies to help:

  • Plan a Roadmap for Success
  • Secure Tuition Funding
  • Achieve Admissions Approval

In addition, SKoolAide Academic Performance Platform provides parents with access to approved national and local college friendly businesses to ensure that aligned students receive special discounts on critically needed services and resources.

SKoolAide also gives parents access to a social portal that allows the subscribers to interact with other parents whereby success stories as well as mistake avoidance knowledge can be shared.

The SKoolAide Academic Performance Platform is coming soon to a computer near you.  Be Excited!…Be Veerrrry Excited!


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