Agricultural Industry Desperately Seeking Qualified Workers

Image credit: Pathways Magazine-Community College of Philadelphia

Wisconsin native, Katie Wendorf is currently a sophomore attending Harvard University, studying chemistry, and plans on attending medical school after receiving her undergraduate degree. She attributes her success in school to being an active member of her local high school’s FFA chapter.

“Through my FFA involvement I was able to apply my passion for the industry and apply skills and knowledge I gained in agricultural education. I was very active on the Viroqua FFA dairy cattle evaluation team where I learned a lot about analysis and decision making, while developing leadership experience-great skills to have and use even in non-agriculture settings,” Wendorf says.

Katie’s agricultural education and high school FFA program was, and will continue to be, a key part of her success. Unlike Katie, many students fail to graduate high school or obtain the skill-sets needed to enter the workforce today. In fact, there are troubling signs that the U.S. is failing to meet its obligation to prepare millions of young adults for the job force.

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Pathways to Prosperity Report conducted by the Harvard Graduate School of Education:

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