Ten Things Colleges Want From Applicants

If you’ve ever wondered about some of the primary factors that admissions counselors use to weigh their decisions about the applications of the students that come across their desks, the following insights from the National Association for College Admission Counseling  reveals some interesting findings.  The NACAC recently conducted a study about what college admissions members consider the most important information about an applicant. You may find the weighted percentages surprising.


  1. Grades in college prep courses (83.4%)
  2. Strength of curriculum (65.7%)
  3. SAT or ACT scores     (59.3%)
  4. Grades in all courses   (46.2%)
  5. Essay or writing sample (26.6%)
  6. Student’s demonstrated interest in the college (23.0%)
  7. Class rank (21.8%)
  8. Counselor recommendation (19.4%)
  9. Teacher recommendation   (19.0%)
  10. Subject test score [AP/IB] (9.6%)

Will the report findings make you change how you’re preparing your academic strategies and plans to get into your school of choice?


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